Welcome to FreeB.info

You can purchase or lease this name with a guaranteed option to buy it anytime during the lease with payments credited toward the purchase. It will be protected by your choice of escrow companies or escrow.com, like a mortgage.

I registered this name in 2001, with the intent of making a website with all kinds of “FreeBies”.
Instead, I built other sites that were more up my alley. FreeB.info gets a lot of “natural traffic” because of the name.

I do believe it will make a good traffic source for people who like to type “FreeB” in their browser address field or search bar.
It will also get a lot of traffic if you put the right key words in the tags or source. It is not difficult to SEO a website – I dominated the front page of google for years with one of my domain names. “Free” is one of the most powerful key words or search words used on the Internet.

Contact me at admin@my-name.com to ask questions.
If interested, you may also request a list of other domain names I have for sale at admin@my-name.com.